Join our magical jungle retreat center with sustainable architectural design and living space integrated with nature. Create a retreat to include classes in our yoga Shala, experiences in nature and healthy meals during  your stay. We provide bodywork, Temazcal ceremonies, and other on site services to make your visit truly rejuvenating.

At the heart of the property is Casa Central, a gathering zone for more than four decades. The main kitchen of Casa Central is where groups Gather for delicious, locally prepared meals. Casa Central consists of Penthouse, Passion Palace, Nook, Cool Corner, Annies, and the pavilion, or Yoga Shala. We require that groups rent a minimum of casa central. 

We require a minimum of Casa Cetral ( Annies, Penthouse, Cool Corer, Passion Palace and Nook) be rented out for groups. 

Rates are based on the minimum # of beds per room. For each extra bed, an additional $15 per night will be added.

A Deposit of 50% is required to hold the rooms. Right of first refusal will be offered on unbooked rooms.

Please Inquire with dates for your upcoming retreat! We will help you organize and plan all of the details!

Casa Isabel Yelapa Jalisco
(206) 372-5589
Yelapa, Jalisco, Mexico