CASA ISABEL            

A peaceful retreat for the enjoyment of nature and rejuvenation of the human spirit.

Blessed Beyond Belief

Casa Isabel offers a variety of unique ocean-view accommodations, their privacy insured by lush shrubs and flowering vines planted a long time ago.  It has been fully, sustainably, and artfully reconstructed since beloved Isabel passed away in 2009.

Huge trees form a jungle canopy over an enchanting garden hillside just a 5-10 minute walk west of Yelapa, a rare little town with no cars, a few motos and many happy Mexicans.

Casa Isabel enjoys a geographic conspiracy of many high-grade features.  If Yelapa is delightful, the Point is all the more so.  Ancestral memory sings “YES¨ when the way to a cozy holiday nest is a seaside trail still inaccessible to Motos.  Say goodbye to dueling stereo systems, barking dogs and enthusiastic roosters, and hello to a quiet embrace in the bosom of mother nature.

Guest houses on this rocky hillside would be near-impossible without the use of composting toilets.  Casa Isabel’s clean and efficient system has been widely appreciated by happy visitors.  We are also the only guest house in Yelapa with solar hot water.  To read 12 Steps to Produce 2 Tons of Solar Hot Water Daily, click here.

Yelapa has fabulous restaurants, good little stores with fresh regional produce and proteins, and an increasingly exquisite music scene.  The land is still controlled by the indigenous people, resulting in smooth intercultural rapport.  A healthy population of working horses is reassuringly reminiscent of days of yore.  This is what the world looked like before human and mechanical engulfing..

Casa Isabel’s huge Huanacaxtle tree
Casa Isabel from Playa Isabel
Playa Isabel
YOLOCALLI and JADE perch on the ridge above the creek and enjoy canyon and waterfall views.  ANNIE’S has amazing sunrises and a wide view of the bay.  ELEMENTAL, BEACHHOUSE and CANOPY CAMP are self-contained studios perched right above Playa Isabel, the cleanest beach in town. One remote house, LAS PALMAS, has a solar hot tub and enjoys a unique private location on the hill above Yelapa.

At the heart of the property is CASA CENTRAL, a gathering zone for more than four decades and very recently rebuilt into fabulous new form.  The PENTHOUSE is a self-contained unit on the top floor.  COOL CORNER, PASSION PALACE and NOOK are individual rooms with their own plumbing that share the kitchen, large living room, and many patios of Casa Central. The Pavillion is part of a domed dodecahedron or twelve sided polygon, gathering momentum with EVENTS such as yoga, dance and weddings.  At other times all guests are welcome to gather quietly to soothe body and spirit. In magic moments, music will arise.

Our unique architecture minimizes walls, windows and doors, making indistinct the dividing line between jungle and indoors.  Glamping glamping, glorified camping.  It’s lovely here in tropical Eden.  All units have:

  • Ocean views
  • Lush landscaping
  • Sustainable, artful construction
  • Well-equipped kitchens
  • Filtered drinking water
  • Hot showers
  • Towels & soap (bring beach towels & shampoo)
  • Flush pee-toilets
  • Composting poopers (except Nook & Cool Corner)
  • Fans and mosquito nets
  • Hammocks and lounge chairs
  • Lock boxes
  • Wi-Fi


Come fill up your senses and remember: Man is the Heart and Mind of the interaction between Heaven and Earth.

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For the big picture about Casa Isabel check out SUSTAINABILITY and AMENITIES.  To cut to the chase, see HOUSES and RATES.

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