The Casa Isabel property rises from a steep canyon, crosses a rocky hillside, and ends at a clay ridge where locals gathered clay for walls in olden-days-gone-by.

In 1984 younger Isabel had started claiming the Annie’s space for her health-challenged cousin who was to spend a decade here.  With little more than a retaining wall already in place downhill, Isabel and I and Granny Lange spent many days shoveling platforms out of the highly shapable clay.  Fun!  The first of many, many revisions….

Isabel lived for many years in Annie’s, until her celestial transfer in 2009 left her family and a huge crowd of best friends to miss her graceful self.
Several layers of rebuild down the road, Annie’s is a popular rental.  The tough choice is between the memory foam queen bed and the double infinity bed where the world falls away past flowering vines to the sea…
(If you will pardon a Google moment; glamping, glamping, tropical glamping, the glory and the comfort of ultimate view.)
There’s a snazzy big kitchen, a fancy shower and bathroom, and open views all around.  An upstairs sofa turns into a bed, potential for a fifth person.  Ahh, the deep comfort of sunshine….