Canopy Camp




If your favorite living space is natural but polished, and it sounds sweet to sleep free under a tree by the sea, Canopy Camp may be for you.  

A queen bed hangs directly below spreading branches of a huge huanacaxtle (parota) tree, open to blue sky, moonlight and lucid dreams.  The kitchen and a closet are under roofs, and a rolled-up tarp quickly unfurls for rare winter storms.

Canopy Camp sleeps two.

How can you be more Eco than under a tree?  Ah, the glory of glamping…


A private flat spot at the edge of the cliff overlooks the beach and trail.  If you need handrails or a leaf-free-zone, Canopy Camp is not for you.

The kitchen has everything you will need.  The bathroom has solar and on-demand gas hot water in the shower, a flush pee toilet, and composting pooper.  The roofed-in closet includes a lockbox.