Las Palmas

Las Palmas is not on the main Casa Isabel property, but is in fact…. a Yelapa world away from Casa Isabel.  If you are a bush person, or are seeking the privacy & simple functionality of a lofty perch, then Palmas is for you.  If you’re expecting lots of handholding, neighbors, or Internet in your hide-away, then look elsewhere.

After homesteading 75 miles up river (in BC), from Juneau Alaska, Chris designed and built Las Palmas where the view is killer, there’s sun in the winter for a 3rd generation solar hot water system, and no one around.  Come down the hill to the camaraderie and tiendas of town, and then head back up to Palmas and soar over it all.

Watch and live at the altitude of the tijera birds and graceful para gliders.  The trail will be challenging for many, but if you are coming to Yelapa and seeking a private, unique experience, then check out the photos and view from Las Palmas.

Uniquely private and surrounded by jungle, Las Palmas is a ten minute walk from “downtown” Yelapa (only five minutes from the town waterfall), and accessed by a steep trail with some uneven steps.  The steep trail takes 5 minutes.

Las Palmas has no near neighbors and enjoys an unbeatable view of town, Yelapa bay, Tapita (the paragliding launch spot), and hundreds of acres of jungle canopy.  There is a well appointed kitchen with a government-approved water filter, sofa, table and chairs, hammock, flush toilet and lockable bodega.  There is a queen bed on the 2nd floor, a full size bed on the 1st floor, and a sofa that can also be used as a bed.  Palmas has no exterior walls and is very open (it does have railings), so to stay here, you will want to enjoy heights.

Solar hot water amply supplies a shower and a hot tub at the edge of the patio.

Las Palmas is separately managed from Casa Isabel.