Beverly offers deeply penetrating sessions of acupressure massage on a cliff-side table overlooking the waterfall.  Her passion began three decades ago when she was able to avoid surgery and heal an elbow problem by following directions from a book on shiatsu.  The subsequent use of a mountain of textbooks, a synthesizing mind, and strong hands have enabled her to use accurate pressure to relieve the suffering of many souls. Potent Bodywork – what could be more fun? Most clients butter her up with comments about the best bodywork they have ever had.  You know what the Buddhists say about praise and blame.
Not content with the metaphors of Chinese Medicine, Beverly pounded at “how and why” for long enough to come up with a coherent anatomical translation of the brilliant map of Five Element Acupressure.  Her favorite things include the post-session look on people’s faces, and trading teaching and techniques with other health-care professionals.