The Opportunity to Fly

Are you looking for the big rush of a natural high?  Chris Parisien is a paraglider pilot with over 1000 tandem paraglider flights from the hillside above Yelapa.  He also teaches paragliding in weeklong blocks for serious students.

Paragliding is safe and exhilarating, a modern answer to the ancient dream of non-mechanized human flight.  A nylon wing is laid out on a cleared mountainside pointing into the wind, attached to pilot and passenger with sturdy lines and harnesses.  To fly tandem, you need only sturdy shoes and the ability to run on command.  The wing fills with air, rises up, and lifts the running fliers off the ground.  Contrary to myth, there is no jumping off the mountain involved.

Flights end on the main Yelapa beach.

Check out this short YouTube video to go on a flight from Yelapa Tapa to the town beach in March of 2011.